Arsenal and Manchester United has been linked to Victor Ozimen interest.

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Arsenal and Manchester United are link with an interest in Napoli striker Victor Ozimen. Who could be valued at less than €100 million.

Earlier, a report from Gianluca Di Marzio suggest that. Napoli had set the Nigerian striker’s ask price of €100 million. Resulting in teams UFABET who showed interest to retreat because the price was too expensive.

Still, Italian journalist Alfredo Pedulla reported on Monday that Azzura could be willing to drop the price to 80 million euros, plus some bonuses for leaving Ozimen in summer.

The media has named clubs interest in Victor Ozimen the 23-year-old spearman. Who has both Arsenal and the Red Devils from the English Premier League. As well as Paris Saint-Germain.

The player, who has a contract with Napoli until mid 2025. Has made 29 appearances this season. Score 17 goals and providing six assists in all competitions.

Play style.

Victor Ozimen his position could be a center forward. But in reality it’s not like that. He was always running around to connect with his friends. does not stand waiting for the ball in the penalty area only Despite having a thick and tall physique, with a height of 186 centimeters that can play the ball well in the air But he stood out for speed. a diligent person Can’t run all, very suitable for pressing play system He was not a very technical person. but will use courage and determination to fight As for finishing the score, this is a great idea. It is said that this is another player with a sensitive nose. and always at the right time in the penalty area