Bruno Fernandes insists on bringing Manchester United to the best finish.

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Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United is determined to lead the team to the best end of the season in return for supporters. After just helping the football team beat Brentford 3-0 in the latest match.

The Red Devils returned to form with a 3-0 win over Brentford in the Premier League last Monday night. And is the final win of playing at home this season. 

The win saw Ralph Rangnick’s side rise to 58 points in the top five. Make it practically impossible to overtake Arsenal and Spurs to secure their tickets. Can qualify for the UEFA Champions League. UFABET But nonetheless, Bruno hopes to help the team finish the season as best as possible in the last two games. 

Bruno Fernandes who scored his 50th goal in play for the team, said: “The last game at home this season. We want good results and good performances. We know our standards are not the same as we’d hoped. But we finished well with the last match at home. And now we still have games to go on and we have to focus on it.”

“We know we always have to give something back. Our fans have been amazing with their support. We know our season is not at the level it should be. But there’s nothing we can do better than finish the season as best we can. Get the final win and then start thinking about next season.”