Grealish dream come true in Champions League semi-finals in Madrid.

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Jack Grealish from Birmingham, England admits walking onto the pitch for the Champions League semi-final opener at Real Madrid yesterday was a dream come true. Until there is a moment of pinching his arm that he is not sleeping in a pile of pillows.

Grealish joined City from Aston Villa for a reported £100m in his second year. Steadily adapting to the club. And becoming a regular under manager Josep Guardiola. World Cup 2022, like the game at Santiago Bernabeu takes a real chance in the 3-2-2-3 system, the left front position. 

Which the 27-carat star revealed that. The impression received from the spotlight on the night of the Champions League was something. He had longed for since he was young. Even though it was true, I almost couldn’t believe myself. 

“My mum texted me before the game – this is the night you dreamed about as a child. And that’s true,” he told BT Sport UFABET

“Playing the Champions League semi-final at such a great stadium. Like everyone around the world would watch the competition. It sometimes caused me to secretly pinch my own arm.” 

“Playing with Dani Carvajal in line, a lot of people say to me – you know you’re facing a tight opponent – ​​it sounds like a good fight. And I enjoyed being there.” 

“Finishing the race is really tiring. Honestly, I’ve never played before and had cramps before. But now it’s eating both calves at the end of the whistle.” 

Grealish has made 46 appearances this season, contributing five goals and 11 assists.