History of slots.

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Slots games are popular games all over the world. Especially in the United States In foreign countries, this gambling game is call a slot machine. The first manufacturer is Charles Fey. A German engineer. Lived in San Francisco, California in 1887 by a slot machine. It will look like it consists of 3 reels with 5 symbols: a horseshoe, diamond, spade, heart and bell. The first machine was called the “Liberty Bell” Which was based on the Liberty Bell. That is a symbol of America’s independence By the way of playing is that the player has to coin a coin. 

Then press the button or pull the lever to start the spinning of the wheel. Then the score is calculate according to the symbol that the slot machine stops spinning.games by UFABET 

In the past 1908, slot machines were introduced to entertainment venues such as restaurants, barbershops and bowling alleys. A Chicago businessman named Herbert Mills has developed a new generation of slot machines. Which he has used colorful fruit as a symbol instead to make it easier to notice. While playing It consists of lemon, cherry, plum and gum sticks. And that model is still popular to this day.

Over the past hundred years.

 Slot machine games are still popular with gamblers. And people who have always like In which casinos in the world are widely available slot machine machines. Which can be considered that the slot machine is a symbol of entertainment and fun ever. Until the era where technology is advance like today. Slot machine games have change their status to slot machines that have enter the cyber directory. With service providers via internet signal Also known as online slots. Which are more convenient and faster to access. Because it can be play at any time through devices such as computers or smartphone.