Lampard admits having experienced players like Thiago Silva.

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Chelsea‘s acting manager Frank Lampard admits having experienced and experienced players like Thiago Silva in the squad gives the dressing room a great role model. professional attitude and behavior

The Brazil national team captain, the most experienced in the ‘Blues’ squad, has been trying to rouse the younger team throughout their poor performances to recover form, until recently defeated Bournemouth 3-1 Garan. survive relegation 

The 38-year-old’s exemplary demeanor both on and off the field is a value ‘The Lamps’ cite as key to the team’s eagerness to recover ahead of the season. UFABET

“Thiago deserves all the credit,” Lampard told the official website.

“He is a top grade and excellent player. Show us the qualities that have been precipitated throughout your career.” 

“He’s still taking great care of his torso to continue playing at a high level even into his 38th year.”

“Remembering myself at that age, I was already playing in the US Major League Soccer.” 

“Especially as a centre-back. To play in the English Premier League. He has to do a lot. so that the body is ready to use” 

The Brazilian footballer will reach the age of 39 carats this July. Which if the contract expires on June 2024 , the age of maturity hits the mark of 40.