Manchester United 12 goals / 1 goal from the striker

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Manchester United 12 goals / 1 goal from the striker

Marcus Rashford 1 goal

Rasmus Hoylund 0

Anthony Martial 0 Antoni 0

Alejandro Carnacho 0

Jadon Sancho 0

Manchester City were criticized for their offensive quality being deteriorated.

Spurs changed “The Bear” to Son Heung-Min.

Arsenal still lacks a killer striker.

Liverpool may have some matches where they have a weak goal at the same time as

Aston . Villa is still being questioned in the long term.

Newcastle have few options despite being a heavy hitter.

Chelsea have not yet succeeded in solving their target problem. Report from

But all of these problems are “minor matters” compared to the situation that Manchester United are in.

Because of the statistics listed above I told you it was all over. Up to this point, 11 games have passed, Eric Ten Hag’s offensive line “has only one score” and the only goal in total is Marcus Rashford’s shot against Arsenal in the 1st loss. -3 at the beginning of September.

In addition to that, another 11 goals were scored. It became midfielders like Bruno Fernandes and Scott McTominay who stood as the team’s top scorers. After pressing, each person has 3 goals, the same number… and if counting all items It turned out to be a defensive midfielder like Casemiro, who was the top scorer with 4 goals like that.

Yes, Red Devil fans are quite familiar with the problem. “Shortage of shooting stars” that has been the case for the past several years. But it is clear that this year’s situation is very “new” when all 6-7 offensive line options were unable to produce any good results.

Rashford is like a ghost possessing him. Problems with playing attitude Even though this past season just scored a total of 30 goals in every competition.

Rasmus Hojlund has scored 3 goals in the European Cup. But it looks like he still needs to adjust a lot to his playing style in the Premier League, and his surroundings are not conducive to showing his form.

Anthony Martial is a question that football fans are wondering: why would Ten Hag choose to keep him? (Even though I know the answer, even if I want to sell it, I can’t sell it.)

Antony is becoming more and more of a wasted £82 million. This season, in 11 matches he neither scored nor assisted. You can even count the times you passed by. It has become the definition of a modern winger…if he doesn’t return, he shoots over the crossbar.

Alejandro Carnacho is still raw and too young to hold much hope at 19.

Jadon Sancho, winger worth 73 million pounds, if not sold this winter It’s probably because Ten Hag was already kicked out.

As for Mason Mount, why did you agree to the transfer? And which position is the most appropriate?

One is the personal performance of each person. It came out more disappointing than anything else. The second is that coordination in each game is difficult and lacking. Which I don’t know is caused by the quality of the players’ feet. Or more about training methods?

1 goal in 11 matches, let alone worse than a top team. Even the teams at the bottom of the table have a more tangible attacking game than this.

Meanwhile, Ten Hag still gave interviews with confidence. “One more time will be good.” But what fans I want to see not just the words. But it’s about creating real results on the field.

If this problem cannot solved by Wai Ten Haak, then you should only “consider yourself”, no more, no less