Unai hopes the “Singha Rising” team will quickly return to form

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Unai hopes the “Singha Rising” team will quickly return to form after missing the chance to push into the top four.

• Aston Villa end their unbeaten run at 6 games

• Nottingham Forest won their first game after going 6 games unbeaten.

Unai Emery, Aston Villa boss, said after the game lost to Nottingham Forest 2-0 in the Premier League game and lost for the third time this season.

“The Jungle” opens their nest at City Ground and grabs three points. It’s the second time in their own home. Rise to 12th place in the table, while Aston Villa’s defeat makes them miss an important opportunity to score points and compete for a place in the Champions League.

“I am disappointed with the results. This is the time when we can analyze all the work during the 1 year that I have been working here. What stage are we at now? What have we achieved in entering the European club football space?”

“The start of our new season. Starting off with difficulties, we faced Newcastle as well as Liverpool. We had a period where we were able to maintain our excellent form at home. and collect full points Including being ranked 5th in the table.”

“Today we have the opportunity to advance to the top four. But we’ve missed it. We made many mistakes. Trying to get back in the game and got the score back as well But it didn’t work out as expected. Playing away games in the Premier League is never easy, especially when you’re ahead. They have their fans fully behind them. While we create opportunities Had a chance from a corner kick. But in the end we weren’t good enough in this game.”

“Every game is learning. Every game we play we have to demand more quality from our play. I expect the team to come back as soon as possible. It’s my duty. We are already looking forward to the next game. Today we lost but there are good things we can do this season as well.

Aston Villa next play against AZ Alkmaar in the Europa Conference League group stage on Thursday night.