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Ancelotti understands Xavi’s decision.

Carlo Ancelotti says he understands Xavi Hernandez’s decision to resign as Barcelona coach at the end of the season. After facing pressure at the start of his career. Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti says. He understands Xavi Hernandez’s decision to step down as Barcelona coach

Moyes hopes Phillips is as impactful as Lingard.

West Ham manager David Moyes hopes Kalvin Phillips can make the same impact Jesse Lingard has had at the club. Phillips joins the Hammers on loan from Manchester City until the end of the season. Lingard scored nine goals in 16 league matches, helping West

Pep gives Grealish advice on what he should do take back

Pep gives Grealish advice on what he should do to take back his position from Dogu. Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has urged Jack Grealish to show his anger over competing for his position from Jeremy Doku. Grealish appears to be competing for Dogu’s position after the

Manchester United 12 goals / 1 goal from the striker

Manchester United 12 goals / 1 goal from the striker Marcus Rashford 1 goal Rasmus Hoylund 0 Anthony Martial 0 Antoni 0 Alejandro Carnacho 0 Jadon Sancho 0 Manchester City were criticized for their offensive quality being deteriorated. Spurs changed “The Bear” to Son Heung-Min. Arsenal still lacks a killer striker.

Get to know yoga.

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that has Indian origins. It means adjusting the balance of life by combining the body, mind, and spirit as one. In yoga practice, there is a balance of the body by practicing various postures. And at the same time to adjust the

Benefits of exercise for beautiful skin.

Exercise is considered an activity in our daily lives that is very important. At least one week, we must allocate time to burn and sweat at least 3 times a week, 30 minutes each time. The reason why exercise makes your skin glow What’s there? Let’s learn.

Properties and benefits of honey.

Honey has properties as an elixir. There are many peoples around the world who believe in the same thing, that honey is an excellent medicine that helps nourish the body, improves health, and helps restore the body that is tired and worn out to become refreshed

Causes of high uric acid.

Before knowing The dangers of high uric acid. Let’s get to know the causes of high uric acid.  What are the reasons? Let’s get to know where it comes from. 1. Eating high-purine foods Many foods are high in purines. Should eat less, such as offal. Red land meats such as beef, buffalo meat,