Ramos reveals he almost join Manchester United from Real Madrid in 2015

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Ramos reveals he almost joined Manchester United from Real Madrid in 2015

  • Sergio reveals he almost signed for Manchester United
  • The Spanish star moves to Paris Saint-Germain after 16 years at Real Madrid.
  • Ramos moved back to Sevilla again this past summer.

Sergio Ramos has revealed that he almost signed for Manchester United. When he was still at Real Madrid.

Ramos is widely regarded as one of the best defenders around, having scored 133 goals throughout his career. Including winning many championships with Madrid, especially the UEFA Champions League 4 times and La Liga 5 times.

After being in football with After being with the “White King” for 16 years, the Spanish star moved to Paris Saint-Germain for 2 years before returning to Sevilla again this past summer.

However, Ramos revealed that he turned down the opportunity to join Manchester United in 2015, before signing a new contract with Madrid instead.

“I was where I was supposed to be, Real Madrid, but I was close to joining United,” Ramos told the สมัคร ufabet

“It shouldn’t be like that. But I still admire the clubs, the Premier League and the players, because the pace of play, the speed is different. And it is a league where we can all learn a lot.”

“That was not intended to be like that. I’m glad to stay at Madrid and now I’m glad to be at Sevilla.”