The favorite King Power Stadium the Community Shield battle.

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Leicester City’s King Power Stadium has the opportunity to host the Community Shield instead of the other Wembley Stadium.

Football Community Shield. Which signals the start of next season. It is a charity event that brings together two of this season’s Premier League. And FA Cup winners on July 31. 

However, on that day Wembley Stadium to host women’s soccer tournament European National Championship. This led the FA to look for a new arena UFABET for the Community Shield.

The Daily Mail reports that. Leicester City’s King Power Stadium are the favorites to host the charity event this summer. 

Other venues included in the selection are Aston Villa’s Villa Park, Leeds United’s Elland Road, Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium. And London’s West Ham United Stadium.

The reason King Power Stadium has the opportunity to host this event. Because it is between London and Manchester or Liverpool and has a decent capacity of 32,261 seats. Not too big like Wembley in the playoffs between Manchester City and Liverpool have many empty chairs.

This year’s FA Cup winner is in contention between Chelsea and Liverpool. Who are the finalists. As for the Premier League champions. Manchester City will compete with Liverpool. Which if the “Reds” win both titles. Manchester City as the 2nd place in the league will play against Liverpool in the Community Shield battle.