UEFA blocks Russia from offering to host Euros.

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UEFA has blocked Russia’s bid to host Euro 2028 and 2032 in sanctions over Ukraine’s open war. President Vladimir Putin orders ongoing attacks on Ukraine. This allows governments and agencies of countries around the world to implement sanctions on every aspect. Including sports.

         While Russia is reportedly interest in host the European Championships in 2028 and 2032. UEFA has recently blocked the matter. Citing the rule as impracticable UFABET under Article 16.02.

         “The nominating nation must ensure that. It does not act in a manner that would compromise UEFA. Other propose nations presentation process or European football’s reputation is disgraceful.” said

         Following the suspension by FIFA and UEFA in February, the Spanish club face further restrictions on competition. The latest ban means Russian teams will not be able to compete in the men’s and women’s Champions League, Europa League or Europa Conference League.

         The women’s national team will also be ban from playing at Euro 2022 this year. And ban from playing in the 2023 World Cup qualifiers.

Moreover, the automatic qualification of the host team. Or teams shall be guaranteed noted. “Therefore, given the uncertainty as to when the suspension will be lift. The acceptance of a bid from the FUR. Would also go against the decision of the UEFA Executive Committee of 28 February 2022. Suspending all Russian representative teams. And clubs from participating in UEFA competition matches until further notice.” According to the statement.